The Tay Bridge Disaster 1879

The new Tay Bridge collapsed during a storm on the night of 28th December while a train was crossing - 75 people died. The design was questioned and David Kirkaldy tested sections of the bridge for the Commission of Enquiry and fell out with them!

A modern analysis of the failure by Tom Martin

Tom Martin and Iain Macleod gave a presentation on this to the 2013 Association For Industrial Archaeology conference in Dundee.

This was followed by a walk into the underneath of the current Tay Bridge, (arranged courtesy of Network Rail). Photographs were taken of the remains of the old bridge as well as the new one. A selection is shown here.

One of the the pier bases from the old bridge, just downstream of the new bridge

The line of old pier bases

The new Tay Bridge from Dundee Law

Inside the framework of the new bridge