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The museum needs more helpers. Ideally we want to build up a large enough volunteer community so we can open every weekend whilst not expecting any individual to commit to more than one day a month.

For most roles no special skills are needed, just an appreciation of Victorian engineering and a willingness to explain things to people. Every visitor is given a guided tour and depending on how people arrive through the day you may be talking to 1 person or a group of up to 20. Unlike most other museums we positively encourage a two way dialogue with our visitors. We want people to go away feeling as if they have just talked to an employee of the testing works, not a museum curator or room steward.

We will train you in the history, and show you how to operate those machines used for demonstrations. Above all we want to operate Kirkaldy's machine on a regular basis.

Here is a list of roles that we need to fill:

  • A volunteer secretary/administrator.
  • Helpers on opening days, currently the first Sunday of the month, but expanding. See our opening times page.
  • Engineers interested in helping run and maintain the machines.
  • Someone to look after sales of books, postcards, tee-shirts etc.
  • Someone to deal with requests for visits to the museum.
  • Someone to help organise the Friends of KTM project.
  • A website administrator.
  • Someone to prepare news items
  • a volunteer to help recruit and organise the volunteers!

  • Volunteers must be over 18.

    For any inquiries regarding volunteering please contact us at